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Event Management In Vogue
Pre-Bridal Grooming Tips
Corporate Event Management Tips

Event Management In Vogue

The event industry is rapidly changing and as planners, it is our job to know the newest trends to stay at the top of the game, not every trend you implement will resonate with the audience. However, by taking risks and employing new concepts, you will find a trend or two that really catches on with your demographic so we can provide the most ideal attendee and client experience possible.

1.     “Pop-Up” Venues

The beauty of a pop-up venue is literally out of nowhere- POP UP! The idea of eating and drinking in a once cruddy space like a gymnasium or multi-purpose room, warehouses to outdoor settings in a privately owned land, becoming an increasingly popular trend for hosting events, where several businesses are outsourcing their own facility for rent.

2.     Going Green

Planners are increasingly waking up to the impact they can make by incorporating green initiatives at their events, ranging from small-scale, easy-to-implement changes. What ways are your event incorporating environmentally-friendly practices? Are you providing digital flyers in place of paper ones? Are you handing out reusable water bottles instead of supplying bottled water? Sustainable practices will rub your attendees the right way, so make the changes where reasonably feasible.

3.     Streamlined Apps

The Periscope app is an innovative breakthrough that is taking the event and tech world in its stride. You can broadcast your event live through your own mobile device with this app showcase it to your audience. This has far-fetched implications for events that have clients from all over the world that cannot be physically in attendance. With a live stream, followers benefit from the meat and potatoes of the event as they can tune into the live presentation or seminar right as it’s taking place.

4.     Experiential marketing

      Experiential marketing encompasses a broad term, but it can be best defined as any form of interactive advertising. As suggested in its name, it’s all experiential, meaning that it’s designed to test consumer reaction. As such, there is an inherent risk involved as it may not result in the desired level of participation.

A classic example of experiential marketing involves a stint carried out by Heineken known as Departure Roulette. The marketing ploy challenged travelers to embark on an all-expense paid vacation to an unknown destination; it was a massive success. Attendee engagement is all about this type of out-of-the-box thinking. How might you be able to use this for your next event?

5.     Multiple Networking Opportunities 

In this age of social media, guests should leave the event having added several fellow attendees, staffers, and sponsors to their contact list. Of course, some guests will do this on their own, but your event should also provide plenty of opportunities for doing such.
This can include an icebreaker that requires lots of face-to-face interaction or workshop activities that require the same. Heavily promote the idea that you’re all one big community.

Attending an event should be fun. Events will no longer be judged on revenues alone. Benchmarks will be set for engagement levels and increased overall participation by onsite and at home participants. We believe we’ll see a merging of tools in the near future, offering more streamlined experiences for attendees.





Pre-Bridal Grooming Tips

“Wedding is a very special ceremony in everyone’s life”. It’s not about just taking the vows or getting involved in a lifelong commitment. If your wedding date is fast approaching, then it’s time for the pre-wedding grooming as it is “the Bride” that remains to be the point of attention. Every woman wishes to look ‘nothing less than Perfect’ on her wedding day!


Here are a few pre-grooming tips for the brides:

Skin matters the most

Exfoliation of the face can be done with a homemade scrub made of salt, sugar and olive oil. It will help remove the dullness by removing the dead skin cells. Bleach treatment is important to clear the face from spots and reduce pigmentation. The bleach must be selected according to the skin type; milk based cream being good for dry skin, herbal bleach may be a good treatment for individuals with sensitive skin. This helps to improve the smoothness and the skin tone. Facials are also a part of grooming. A homemade facial made of dried orange and curd or milk helps removing tan and improves the complexion. It also helps in increasing blood circulation on the face imparting a natural glow. To get rid of all the unwanted hair from eye brows and upper lip threading is the best option.


Keeping yourself in shape

• Wedding is not just a day’s affair. It’s a very important day in a woman’s life and everyone wants to look her best and stunningly beautiful. • Body should be maintained by losing extra kilo’s at least a month before the wedding. • Regular and proper exercise will help the body keep in shape and stay healthy.


Hands are very important and get the most attention during the mehndi ceremony. Manicure must start at least 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding and it helps to make the hands look soft and clear. Nail art has gained lot of popularity in the last few years which enhances the beauty.

Top self easy grooming tips for the hair

• When the hair is shiny, bouncing and healthy various bridal hair styles are possible. • Hair care treatments must start which includes regular massage, oiling and getting rid of dandruff which is the primary cause of hair loss. • Massaging with warm olive oil or coconut oil twice a week will help to make the hair silky, soft and manageable. • Hair dye must be done about two weeks before the wedding day.

Taking special care of your diet

Food reflects the condition of the skin. Brides must start ‘Healthy and Balanced diet’ months before wedding which should include fruits and vegetables; must avoid oily food.

Dealing with the teeth

To enhance the smile, teeth whitening is important. Unwanted stains on the teeth can be removed by rubbing lemon or strawberries.

Grooming tips for women at workplace

• Aroma oil body massage will help relieve from the pre-wedding stress and tiredness. • Diet plays an important role to maintain the shape of the body; adding more vegetables and fruits in the diet and avoiding fried and processed foods will definitely help. • Exfoliation is required for the body to remove dead skin cells, keep the skin soft and smooth. • Body packs & face packs should start a month before the wedding. • Body wax is also a part of self grooming. We can go for a chocolate wax or honey wax which helps to make the skin soft and shiny by removing the unwanted hair.


(Look special on your special day!! These are some vital tips for the pre wedding grooming of an Indian woman. Follow these and turn into a ‘blushing glamorous bride’ from whom no one can move their eyes.)


Corporate Event Management Tips

Corporate event management is no child's play, with pressure to innovate, event managers often tend to ignore the very foundation or basics which has worked before.


The pressure of “raising the bar” has got me bouncing back to the basics time and again. No matter how technologically advanced we are, it’s important to adhere to some of the traditions that attendees enjoy and continue our path towards keeping the human touch intact.


Here are some points to ponder:


Diversity is something the industry has taken criticism in the past for our speaker selections, attendees, and event teams. However selections are just a drop in the ocean, for a country as diverse as India the calendar plays a critical role. The dates of events should not clash with religious holidays, the menu should be carefully selected keeping in mind the religious sentiments and guest preferences.

Access Control:

On all the meetings we attended can’t ignore, but notice that security is usually the last agenda in everybody’s mind, which is not the case; a minor incident as much as a mobile phone theft can disrupt the event beyond control. A proper access control should be in place, discussing the list of invitees can be a good start in some cases. Advanced training in crisis management and active shooter situations are, sadly, now part of the requirements.


With the changing preferences of our clientele who prefer secluded outdoor locations instead of highly accessible board rooms, the non-traditional venues comes with accessibility challenges. We remember an incident 15 years back when I had to travel nearly 50km to buy a set of markers which was conveniently ignored while indenting guest accessories, it is not about the KM travelled it’s the time and the repercussions which led me to double or even triple check the purchase list. We have a responsibility as event professionals to ensure all of our materials and presentations are accessible to our audiences.


My experience says there is no two ways about it, Risk taking and Innovation goes hand-in-hand. There is no such thing as safe innovations, Think out of the box, Be innovative but remember an event manager gets just one chance at it, We don’t have to be “risky” for risk’s sake. Take some calculated risks based on data about attendee preferences, buying behavior and of course take into consideration all flops from the past experienced by you or others.


We read our customers well, mostly in-between lines, most of the unsaid requirements are the obvious ones. The customer expects to know them magically; The Big brands are creating personalized experiences. If each customer is offered the same cookie cutter experience every time they will soon find someone who doesn’t, personalization is the new buzz… The points discussed are just tip of an iceberg, there is so much more to discuss, like we said “Corporate Event Management is no child's play”.


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